Thursday, November 7, 2013

Simon Fraser's 10 Rules

1. Left to right. Don't get fancy and you won't lose people.

2. Pay attention to eyes. That's the first thing people look at.

3. Control as much of the process as you can: penciling, inking, coloring, even lettering. You don't have to do it yourself, just get your own people in and keep an eye on it right to the end.

4. Don't hide things you don't know how to draw. Put them front and center so you give yourself a push to improving your skills.

5. Keep practicing drawing from life, drawing from a model, drawing what you see around you. When you stop doing that then you start to dry up and become predictable.

6. Nothing is un-drawable. It might be very very hard, but you CAN do it.

7. If you are working from another writer's script, read thoroughly, then read it again. Let those words become your words and therefore your character's words.

8. Try not to design asymmetrical characters. Also avoid tattoos. 

9. Clarity above all. No fancy layout or visual flourish is worth losing your reader's full comprehension.

10. All rules are completely ignorable, if you can make it work.

You can view Simon Fraser's work at: